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  Accurate group of companies have been accepted as leaders in the field of spring manufacturing. This is acknowledged by our customers who are themselves leaders in their respective fields. Most of our customers are also quality leaders and adopt high quality standards. We are a ISO 9001: 2008 Company. We were established and started operations in the year 1969.
Our customer base spans not only country wide but also abroad. Our accuracy in every field helped us to develop and manufacture Import Substitute Springs for many of our satisfied customers
  Due to technical skill and experience, we have been able to manufacture more than 5000 different varieties of springs which find application from a Switch to Air Craft manufacturing.  
  To support our expert team, we have two well-equipped plants of Indian and imported CNC machinery and unmatched testing facilities to meet our uncompromising testing standards.
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Accurate helical springs have number of fully automatic CNC machines. These machines provide greater flexibilities in manufacturing springs. It reduces great degree of human errors.
The machine helps operations on x, y and z axis with the help of a programmable logic controller. Very fine wire feed control is possible and high accuracy of hook position in the case of tension spring can be achieved.