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The selection of the raw material depends on the environmental factor and the application of the product. The spring material can be broadly classified into groups such as high carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless steel, phosphor bronze and copper base alloys. We, at Accurate Springs manufacture springs from all the above raw materials of IS standard.
spring steel wire (IS 4454) Part I–there are basic 4 grades given to steel wire used for making springs. Grade 2 &3 are most commonly used in India for making springs. Grade 4 has very high accuracy in physical &chemical parameters.
Valve spring wires-
Automotives applications for engine valves, pump etc. where high fatigue life is required.
Alloyed steel wire-(Silicon Chrome)
Used for springs which are subject to “high static and dynamic loading” Raw Materials
  Raw Materials  
Stainless steel wire-AISI 302/304/316
Have less magnetic properties
Resistant to corrosion
High elasticity
Resistant to heat
used in electrical and similar industries
Copper base alloy - used in high electrical & thermal conductivity
Non magnetic
Good atmospheric resistance is required
Phosphor bronze wires due to their high tensile strength are most widely used copper alloy for manufacturing springs.
Resistant to heat
The bare copper wire is coated with polyester enamel to make it non conductive.